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Kitchen Remodeling

Millhurst Design provides functional kitchen design services perfect for your family or entertaining.  Our design team will work with you on your renovation project that may include cabinet restoration, new appliances, countertops, or complete overhaul of your kitchen.

MDC is committed to working with the best product manufacturers in the industry and we stand behind all our products and services.

Kitchen Upgrade Checklist

Size (SQFT) – The size of your kitchen will dictate the layout: Is there room for an island? Does space allow for a prep sink? Where can you squeeze in extra storage?

Existing Layout – Don’t be married to your existing layout. Take the measurements and get creative with how you want your space to look!

Lifestyle – How will you use the kitchen? What type of cook are you? How do you entertain?

Budget – Determine your budget. The fastest way to go over your budget is to change your mind on materials and finishes.


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The goal of designers at MDC is to provide personalized attention to individual homeowners and large-scale contractors, in-home measuring services, interactive design renderings, detailed whole project coordination.

Please feel free to give us a call or an email about any question that you may have!

MDC is proud to use American-made products.